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The Absolute Best Husband

This morning, my musings are full of love, amazement, laughter and unbelievable gratitude to God. Sweet Husband and I are celebrating our thirty-seventh anniversary today. THIRTYSEVEN—WOW! That is a long time to live together and as Sweet Husband always says, “It has been the best seven years of my life….a day here and a day there!” He still makes me laugh. I have the absolute best husband!

This journey we have been on for almost four decades has been amazing!! We have had our share of curveballs thrown at us, but it has only made us stronger. One of the first curveballs thrown at us happened a couple of years into our marriage. We had a miscarriage and were devastated, as you can imagine. I was not sure what might happen because I knew how much Sweet Husband wanted to be a father. As I was waking up from the heart-breaking procedure in the hospital, Sweet Husband walked in with a gift. It was a Precious Moments figurine that was titled, “We are in this together.” That was the best gift I could have been given in the middle of our heart-breaking situation. It still means so much to me and, three decades later, it is still on display in our dining room. I have the absolute best husband!

Another thing that happened early in our marriage is a story that Sweet Husband loves to tell, and if you know us, you have probably heard this story. If involves lemonade, fingernails and a horrible mistake that still makes Sweet Husband laugh 37 years later. Me, not so much…. There is never a dull moment when he is around. I have the absolute best husband!

He has always supported my dreams no matter how crazy they seem to him. I have the absolute best husband!

He was/is a great dad to our Amazing Daughters and a great dad in law to our Amazing Son-in-Love. I have the absolute best husband!

Watching him be Papa to our three Grand-Blessings warms my heart. They laugh with him, love to snuggle with him and the youngest only has eyes for Papa when he is around. I have the absolute best husband!

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:22: “He who finds a wife finds a good thing…”, that is true. I also believe that I found a good thing when God brought Sweet Husband into my life. (Thank you, Lisa, for arranging that infamous blind date!) I have the absolute best husband!

Happy Anniversary, Sweet Husband! I thank God for you and am so grateful to be your wife. I love sharing our crazy life with you and am looking forward to many more decades together. I love you! You ARE the absolute best husband!

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