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Happy Birthday, Sweet Husband.

Happy 65th Birthday, Sweet Husband!

It is hard to believe this is your third birthday in Heaven. On one hand it seems like it was just yesterday we were celebrating your big day at HollyHock Hill with your favorite fried chicken. On the other hand, it seems like an eternity ago that you were blowing out birthday candles with our sweet grand-blessings laughing and helping you blow. What precious memories!

We miss you so very much but are grateful we know you are healed, whole and happy with Jesus.

God has been so good to us, and we are all doing well. You would be so proud of our amazing daughters and fabulous son-in-love. Each one of them is thriving and has exciting possibilities for their future. It brings tears to my eyes, each Sunday morning, to see us all worshipping in the same church. I know that would make you so happy.

Your heart would melt seeing our precious grand-blessings! They are growing into the most amazing people. They miss you and talk about you.

Sweet grand-blessing #1 told me last week she wishes you were here to take her to see the new Minion movie coming out soon. She remembers how much fun the two of you had going to see the first one.

Sweet grand-blessing #2 found a giant-sized Snickers bar you had in the freezer before you went to Heaven. As crazy as it sounds, I saved it, and it is still in the freezer. Sweet #2 looks at it and comments about it each time she visits.

Sweet grand-blessing #3 loves to look at pictures of the two of you. Several weeks ago, #3 was looking at a picture of you holding him and started laughing. He said, “Look! Papa has a big head like Ben!” Even though you went to Heaven just before his second birthday, you live on through pictures and shared memories. He knows you are with Jesus and that we will see you again.

We laugh at funny things you used to do, and I always remind them how much you loved them. They will always love their Papa!

I am still writing. A few months after you went to Heaven, I finished Zechariah Park: Adam’s Landing and dedicated it to you.

Zechariah Park: Strong and Courageous should be released in the next few weeks. While writing ZP3, I missed throwing ideas past you. You were a great sounding board and gave awesome ideas. I am confident you would be proud of the newest Zechariah Park.

Remember all those years you said that after you turned sixty-five, we would do this, and we would do that. I only wish I could go back and encourage us to not wait. Remember when we used to dream about that fabulous fortieth anniversary trip we were going to take? Our 40th anniversary is in thirty days; we should not have put it off. As sad as it is that all those things we dreamed about will not happen, we had so very many happy times and adventures to remember.

I am incredibly grateful to have been your wife and share so many days with you. You were a fabulous husband, father and papa. I look forward to seeing you again but know that my job here is not done yet. So, I will carry on as I know you would want me to do.

Happy Birthday, Sweet, Sweet Kevin. I will always love you!

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