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Easter Shoes in 2021

Sketchers—maybe it is my 63-year-old feet, our culture’s move to a more casual and relaxed way of dressing, or just the fact that I like the way they look. Whatever the reason, Sketchers shoes have become a fun new obsession for me. Several months ago, I ordered black and white leopard print Sketchers and wear them often. They are so comfortable, machine washable, and I love the way they look. Back in February I saw a pair of Sketchers that looked like ballet slippers in solid colors. I could not pass up the navy pair. They will be perfect for this summer with almost anything. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I saw them...yellow Sketchers with little flowers all, so pretty. I put them in my online cart, but my practical brain told me it was not a smart purchase. How often would I wear yellow, flowered shoes? I deleted them from the cart but could not get them out of my mind. I kept logging back on and looking at them. I even told Sweet Husband about them and he told me to buy them. I was still trying to be practical and told myself it was not a smart purchase. By noon, I had looked at those yellow flowered Sketchers probably a dozen times and decided to just hit the buy button. I did it! Whoo-hoo! They arrived the other day and my first thought when I opened the box was--these can be my 2021 Easter Shoes. That made me smile and remember all the happy Easter traditions and memories I have. Here are just a few: >Easter was a big deal in the Holt home. Mom always made matching dresses for my sisters and I and one for her. I distinctly remember solid yellow, sleeveless dresses with ruffled collars that would look great with my pretty yellow Sketchers. >Easter always began with an early morning Sunrise service and then breakfast out before heading back to church. It was the only time we ever went out to breakfast in those days. >When the grandchildren began arriving, mom moved the Easter celebrations to Saturday and they always involved an Easter Egg hunt in Grandma and Grandpa’s yard. >I distinctly remember shopping for new Easter dresses and shoes for our Darling Daughters when they were little. One year, after searching for the perfect shoes, we finally found them on the Saturday before Easter. The next morning when getting dressed for church, we discovered that something happened at the shoe store and we brought home two right shoes for daughter #1. She went to church, that morning, with a beautiful new dress and old shoes that did not match. >As a Nana, Papa and I enjoy carrying on the Easter Egg hunt traditions with our own Grand Blessings. My memories often include music and Easter is no different. This week I have been thinking about some of the old hymns we do not hear much anymore that remind me of the glory of Easter. I miss hearing them, so I went to YouTube for a trip down memory lane. A few of those I looked for on YouTube this week included: —Up from the Grave He Arose —Christ the Lord is Risen Today —Easter Song One of the songs, I had forgotten about popped up on my search. It was a duet by Sandi Patti and Larnelle Harris titled, ‘I’ve Just Seen Jesus,’ It is about Mary Magdalene when she went to Jesus’ tomb on that Sunday morning, after Jesus was crucified on Friday. She knew Jesus was dead but then she saw him. He was alive! (The account of this can be found in John 20.) I listened to it over and over with tears flowing easily down my cheeks. Can you imagine how she felt? Talk about happy Easter Memories! My guess is Mary shared that memory often for the rest of her life. Over 2000 years later, we are still celebrating but it is more than a memory. Jesus is alive and for that I am so very thankful. It is the one fundamental truth our faith is centered around. I have been writing about some of the miracles of Jesus in my new book and they are amazing, but Jesus Resurrection is a miracle that is the greatest miracle of all. Without his Resurrection, he would be nothing more than just a good man that lived on Earth. As we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection on Sunday, I hope you do so with joy knowing he died for you and rose so you could have eternal life. He loves you! Who knows, perhaps my celebration will include wearing my yellow flowered Sketchers to church on Sunday morning. Happy Resurrection Day! He is risen. He is risen indeed. Here is the link to “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” if you want to listen.

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