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Can You Help Us Reach 50?

As Judah would say, “COOLIO! This makes me want to dance!” What an amazing 30 days!

Words cannot express my gratitude for the support so many of you have offered in tangible ways, such as: •Sharing Zechariah Park pictures and posts on your own social media pages. •Told the manager of your church’s cafe and bookstore about Zechariah Park. •Asked me for a copy of Zechariah Park to share with the person who makes the decision for your church’s bookstore. •Placing copies of Zechariah Park in the free library boxes in your local parks. •Purchasing ZP and sharing it with the children you love and enjoying it yourself.

A former pastor of ours used to say, “You have to enroll others in your vision.” I am grateful so many of you have caught my vision for Zechariah Park.

Would you allow me to request three additional things to get the word out even more? 1. Consider leaving a written review or rating on Amazon and anywhere else book reviews are accepted. The more reviews or star rating a book receives, the more doors that will be opened for Zechariah Park and the more people who will be able to discover ZP through web searches. My goal is for Zechariah Park to receive at least 50 reviews/ratings. Would you help us reach that goal? 2. If your church has a bookstore, would you mention Zechariah Park to them and ask them to consider including ZP in their inventory? I am happy to provide a sample copy if you message me their contact information. 3. The most important thing I am asking you to do is continue to pray for everyone who reads ZP. Our world is a mess and our only hope is Jesus. I am convinced if we can make sure our kids know the truth of the gospel and how to live it out in a practical way, our kids can change the culture around them instead of the culture changing our children.

If you have other ideas or know of events or places that might be interested in ZP, would you share that with me? You can share in the comments, email me at or leave a message on my website at

Thank you!!

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