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Joe Eckstein, Illustrator

Growing up is hard!

The families living in Zechariah Park know that growing up is hard and, sometimes, help is needed to know what to do. Myrtle often tells her Zechariah Park friends, “The Bible can help you know what to do when you don’t know what to do, but you have to hide it in your heart first.” To hide God’s word in your heart, you must hear the stories and verses found in the Bible and then remember and use them. That is what Zechariah Park is all about, with a lot of fun and laughter mixed in!
If you want to learn how the Bible can help you know what to do at school, on the bus, playing with friends, and even at home, grab a Zechariah Park book and read it. You might even start singing with
Myrtle and Judah,
“Hide, hide, hide, I hide your Word in my heart….”
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Joe Eckstein, Illustrator
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Zechariah Park's Myrtle & Judah

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Joe Eckstein, Illustrator

Judah and Myrtle are an old couple who live in Zechariah Park. They are quirky, fun, and dress a little crazy. Judah and Myrtle love Jesus, each other, their neighbors, and singing and dancing. Their favorite Bible verse is Psalm 119:11: 

“I have hidden your word in my heart

that I might not sin against you.”

"Your stories are what parents and children deal with daily, and the Bible stories to reinforce are wonderful."    

Melanie,  mother of 3 and grandmother of 4

"I wish I lived in a place like Zechariah Park!  These stories are a great reminder for parents, also."

Mackenzie, mother of 3

"This is easy for kids to relate to. I hope I can have conversations like this with my own children."

Kali,  Children's Ministry Coordinator

"Each scenario you presented is very likely to happen in a child's life, and you provided a creative,

yet biblical way to resolve each situation.  I liked the repetition of the song at the end of each

chapter.   It is like a commercial jingle that will stick in your head."

Jan, retired teacher

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