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My mom loved sharing Zechariah Park with the lending library at my elementary school.

Cindy is a mother and grandmother who has enjoyed making up tales since she was a little girl and now, as an author, she gets to share those tales, with children of all ages everywhere.

After spending thirty years as an elementary school teacher and administrator, she has a heart for sharing Biblical principles, in a fun and easily relatable way with the next generation.

While in college, a professor issued a challenge that Cindy has never forgotten, "Are you going to isolate your children or insulate them?"  Growing up in today's world is difficult. She believes that if we teach our children the principles found in God's Word and model how to live out those principles, our children can change the culture around them instead of the culture changing our children. 

Zechariah Park is Cindy's dream to help insulate our children so they can share Jesus with their world through their actions.


Cindy lives in Central Indiana but enjoys escaping to a sunny beach whenever possible.

9.9.2021 at Living Truth bookstore.jpg
It is so much fun to see Zechariah Park on a bookstore shelf!
Cindy, Beth and Joe 10.2022.jpg
Enjoying dinner with my sister, Beth and Zechariah Park's illustrator, Joe Eckstein.
This is three-fifths of the Zechariah Park team.
Seeing Zechariah Park: The Tale Spinner in print for the very first time.  So exciting!!
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